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Why we recommened immersion anode instead of conventional anode using in actual production?

Immersion Busbar: (Ti clad Cu, Zr clad Cu ,316L clad Cu) 

Current-transfer under solution result in low potential and high efficiency.

Non-copper oxide, free maintenance.

Good for long-term operation. Current supply is stable.

Non fall-off of deposited impurities and copper oxide cause the easy management solution.

High current transfer doesn’t cause heat generation to reduce loading of ventilation and cooling systems.

Open space makes the loading of anode easier and safer.

Convensitonal Busbar:       (Copper bar)

Current-transfer in the air result in high resistance and potential.

To clean copper oxide is necessary.

To clean oxide will shorten copper size to decrease current supply.

The solution will contaminated by the fall-off of deposited impurities and copper oxide

High electrical resistance causes heat generation to make loading of ventilation and cooling systems heavier.

The conventional bus bar interrupts the loading of anode.

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